Lakeview, Oregon: A New Ecomomy of Mercenaries and Prison

I spent much time in this tiny Eastern Oregon desert town. I have seen much change sweep over the town, but the newest "economic development" scam will change the landscape and the people forever. A new player in town is a mercenary training school. Along with the new prison, the town will likely be a new frontier in the emerging USA police state.

Lakeview politicians have had plans before. In the fifties they encouraged the nuclear weapons industry to come mine the heavy veins of uranium. The mining companies came to town for a short time. They discovered the veins of Uranium were not that deep. They left town quickly leaving behind piles of uranium tailings that blew across the farmland and town contaminating everything. People in the town, including the children began to experience high levels of leukemia: cancer of the blood. The whole dirty story was hushed up. The towns people did not want to loose the summer tourist trade.

Now the powers that be have a new economic plan for this dying town. Prisons and mercenaries.

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