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The Zapatista Snails: to be in charge obeying

caracoles zapatistasThe Zapatista communities in Chiapas took control of their society and, not without mistakes, they are reinventing it. Facing the repeated denial from those in power recognizing their rights, thousands of indigenous people from Chiapas, without asking for permission,chose their own authorities. The Juntas de Buen Gobierno (meetings of good government), gave themselves their own law and they are administering justice using an old libertarian ideal: the abolition of the professional politician, the rotation of public officials, refusing the idea that says governmental administration only can be run by "experts". Their existence is not an expression of a moral nostalgia, but the living expression of new forms doing politics.

The Zapatista communities, while they continue in resistance, also build their own autonomy every day giving priority to the more basic needs: education, health, co-operatives, justice, protecting the environment, respecting differences. And not only in Chiapas. What is the speed of the dream? so many go to Chiapas to learn about it, slowly and walking across the stones.

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