Cascadians explore Regional Autonomy

For a long time people have talked about Cascadia rising up and seceeding from the union. Some say we should ask Canada to take us in, others aspire to a life free from governance by someone outside the community.
some have questions:

The broad cross section of people being drawn to this struggle are being drawn because they lack hope. We see the ideal of a socially just state and are drawn to it like moths to a flame. But will our desire to taste liberty get us burned? The democratic party crumbled under the might, and in some measure, burden of corporate facism in america. People are bitter. Actavists that months ago would call the cops if they saw us at a protest, are openly debating insurection.

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Let us secede. Let us recognize that this region is being economically and culturally raped by the rest of the U.S., and put a stop to it. Let us establish a true American nation, one that is not a superpower through military domination but rather a world leader through cooperation and fair trade with the rest of the American nations - Mexico, Canada, and the peoples of Central and South America; and indeed by recognizing the special role and cultural riches the First Peoples of this region still carry. We will still be Americans, but will no longer be part of the failure that is the U.S.A. [ original article ]

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