12 Hours of Carefully Coordinated Mayhem, Noon to Midnight

Last Friday of the Month: Critical Mass Radio Network

Critical Mass Radio Network (CMRN) is a decentralized radio network of independent community radio stations, currently producing a coordinated broadcast on the last Friday of every month. CMRN's initial broadcast took place on August 27, 2004 in anticipation of the Republican National Convention in New York. Participating stations are located in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz; in addition, other stations across the country have been relaying the signal. According to the CMRN website, "In matters of war and peace, poverty and hunger, homelessness, health care, justice and your mama's pumpkin pie, we can have a voice that circumvents the sound bites of the powerful; such direct participation in our future is clearly necessary for survival." The San Francisco broadcast, originating from Enemy Combatant Radio, will be relayed by a number of low-power FM stations including Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM and Radio Free Radio 104.9 FM. CMRN | Listen

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