Immigrants Not Granted Right to Vote in School Board Elections

Prop F in SF Defeated

November, 2004: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors placed Proposition F on the ballot as a City Charter Amendment for the November, 2004 election. It would have made it possible for all parents 18 years of age or older whose children are in San Francisco Unified School District to participate in School Board elections. The measure was defeated by fewer than 10,000 votes, 51.44% to 48.56%.

As an educational pilot, the law would have been in effect for only two elections, and would then have sunset. The Board of Supervisors could then re-evaluate the process, and would have to vote again to extend the law to future elections. Proponents said that approximately 30% of San Francisco’s public school students (about 17,000 children) are from immigrant households. Proposition F would have ensured that San that the school board truly represents the city's communities and its needs. The measure was supported by A Voice for All Parents | Video of Campaign Launch | SF Board of Education Statement in Support of Measure F | Spartacist League Post in Support of Measure F | Analysis

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