Man arrested for advising friend of rights sues police

DETROIT – December 14, 2004 - The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of a young man who was unconstitutionally arrested simply because he told his friend that he had the right to decline to answer questions.

“In this country, citizens should not have to fear arrest or that the police will invade their home simply because they advise friends of their constitutional rights,” said Kary Moss, director of ACLU of Michigan.

Sean King, a resident of Brooklyn, Michigan was visiting a friend in December 2002 when he saw that the doors and trunk of another friend’s parked car were open. When he went outside to see what was happening, he found Columbia Township police officer Kevin Ambs searching the car. He asked the officer what he was doing and Ambs told him to go back into the house or he would face arrest for hindering an investigation. King went into the house and Officer Ambs followed.

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