Keeping Light on the Dark Side of Sex

I noticed recently that the activism world of Portland has been getting pretty cool lately. Protests against Bush are getting organized, community building has been great over the last year with all sorts of inspiringly sustainable projects in food production, alternative fuels implementation, reused wood and earth constructions - Liberty Hall seems to be getting a face-lift, Food Not Bombs fare has been great on the nights when it's available... Not that everything's so amazing great, every victory has numerous corresponding losses these days, but they seem pretty good for the end times of empire...

But I realized also that it's been a while since I've heard anyone talking about verbal consent, or the instances of sexual assault that were tearing up the activist community in Portland and Eugene just a year and a half ago. It's great that I haven't been hearing of any further assaults in that time, although that doesn't mean they haven't happened - I maybe haven't heard or others are maybe keeping silent. Certainly sexual assault continues in society at large, but it could be considered a small blessing that it hasn't been afflicting the activist community.

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[ Consent Workshop January 6th ]

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