A holiday postcard from Vancouver

In Vancouver this year, we had our fair share of election year jitters. The pre-election tension was palpable: people found it hard to contain themselves oftentimes, whether their leanings are secular and progressive, or other-worldly and oil-driven. But make no mistake--this is a conservative enclave. Clark Co. as a whole voted down the line for everything conservative on Nov. 2, not just Bush, but many of the local elections, and in the senate race it was about dead-even between Patty Murray and republican George Nethercutt. Nethercutt's entire campaign was based upon a comment Murray made about Osama bin-Laden, which apparently endeared him to many voters up here.

This is no rural backwater either, at least parts of Vancouver. Some of the neighborhoods are of well-placed folks with a big stake in the nation's regression. In east Vancouver, (where the author lives), just a brief review of the volume and nature of the auto traffic on Mill Plain Blvd. betrays the impressive wealth of the residents. The road supports a shining, glittering flotilla of brand new cars, as well as the delivery trucks that carry their goods, and dump trucks that lay the foundations of their new homes.

How well do I know these people? I know them a little bit, and I can guess about the rest.

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