portland indymedia readers talk about "God" (hey this is Cascadia, not NYC)

'Firetruck' writes:
I believe God is a woman
that would explain alot.

'a human being' responds:
You think that God has sex organs and hormones that make up the differences between men and women? Interesting. I would have thought that God had no physical form.

'Jim Lockhart' conjectures:
It seems to me that the attempt to extract the Creator from his Creation has alienated us Creatures from both the Creator and Creation. Possibley what the story of the Fall From Grace, the Garden of Eden, and all that was attempting to tell, in parable form.

'' expounds:
The Divine can be seen as the Great Mother who gives birth to all and devours all. The Divine Mother is the mother of all things including the animate and inanimate, the stars and planets, the plants, animals and people and even the other Deities themselves. She is the primordial archetype that all things are born from. She is as beautiful to behold as she is terrible in her rage. She is the awe that is in sublime and the subtle.


In The Worldwide Ruling Class - Worker Bee Model, Still Going Strong In The 21st Century, 'Clint Clark' writes: "Old Testament religions are setup to preserve the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model, which began about 8,500 years ago. Old Testament religions are about legitimizing land ownership, taxes, the exploitation of natural resources, social stratification, and wealth generation; not about spirituality. Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans."

'brent' replies:
it is interesting to note that both the belief in God and the belief in no God are equally ridiculous, and the suggestion is often made that somehow the belief in no God makes more sense, is more rational, when actually either position is absurd, making any argument based on so called reason nonsensicial...

it is also absurd to suggest that the universe had a beginning, which leaves us to wonder what existed in the endless eternity before this beginning, which would be nothing one must suppose, and then somehow something came from nothing, which is also absurd, just as it is incomprehensible to imagine either God or the universe being eternal with no beginning or no end


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