Sami in Palestine: Talluza

Talluza is a little village of about 1000 families situated on top of a rocky mountain overlooking stone terraced olive groves and smoky blue horizons, where the mosque speaker sends ghostly amplified praises echoing through villages nestled in red clay valleys. Talluza is a village where the sun shines on moss covered caves in decaying labyrinths of ancient cobblestone, where terra cotta flower boxes hang from wrought iron windows in sunlit alleys.

Where dirty green eyed boys walk like men in the streets and stooped old women with henna-red hair fill the doorways, and there is a donkey and a paint chipped bicycle tied to every post.

Talluza is also a village that has consistently suffered 24hr curfew and constant harassment at the hands of Israeli soldiers dispatched from a nearby military base. Where humvees race through the streets before dawn, where young girls are young girls are threatened at gunpoint, and young men disappear. Where schoolchildren are detained, and bread trucks are turned away. Talluza is a village occupied, and the villagers want to know why.

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