Buy Nothing Day

Saturday the 27th November was buy nothing day, and to celebrate, a bunch of people from the Manchester based "do summat collective" got together to encourage people to think about consumerism. They made and distributes a zine and also gave tips on how to get stuff for free in manchester. A free shop was set up - with food and plenty of cakes, as well as free clothes and toysThe folks involved said they were surprised at how well it went. Families, old couples, kids and youths all came and had some cake, or took some clothes and a flyer or zine.... and within just one and a half hours everything, including the actual clothes rail, had gone.There was some more fun and frolicks as people played anti-consumer games in a number of shops - from hide and seek in selfridges - to stuck in the mud in diesel.... Reclaiming consumer space and having some fun.Report|BuyNothing Christmas|Trade Free Zone Declared In Cambridge!

See  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2004/12/302398.html for the full article.

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