New Years Day Battery Hen Liberation

It was a Happpy New Years indeed for 22 battery hens liberated in Auckland in the early hours of New Years day! Auckland Animal Action received the following anonymous communique early this morning: In the early hours of New Years Day, the Animal Liberation Front gained entry into Eggs R Us in Henderson Valley, West Auckland. 22 hens were liberated and have since been placed into new, loving homes. Video footage and photographs were obtained which will be used to further expose the atrocity that is battery farming. Eggs R Us are well known for the disgusting conditions in which they keep ‘their’ thousands of hens. This farm has been targeted many times in the past few years and have had dozens of birds removed from their premises. After each action, they attempt to increase their security. But each time, activists have got past these increased security measures, which have included guard dogs, electric fencing (inside the sheds!), and locks.

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