Bush Backs Asbestos Companies

(from the Open Newswire): "My father died in 2000 of mesotheilioma, a cancer caused by asbestos. He was an insulation worker for 34 years. We filed a lawsuit and won a settlement. I decided to put most of the money back into radical political causes (I am broke now). So one of the companies involved in our lawsuit has been bought by Halliburton and now the Bush administration is working to save them." "For the past four years, this specific company has fought against paying the money that they originally agreed to pay the families of victims that died of diseases that resulted from asbestos. As a result of legal battles like this one, our family only received a portion of the agreed upon settlement, on grounds that these companies are bankrupt. This seems silly since Dowl Chemical and Halliburton are making billions and that the same bankrupt companies are subsidiaries of these rich multi-national corporations. The following NY Times article fails to mention that exposure to asbestos leads to 300-400% increase of the likelihood of developing gastro-intestinal or respiratory cancers. Of course in 1999, the WTO fought against France banning asbestos, stating that banning this harmful material would be a 'trade restriction.'"

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