Second Day of Computer Build Party for Bolivia and Venezuela Racks up 55 Machines

As reported here on Saturday, technology solidarity activists are spending 6 days over this weekend and next assembling computers that will be sent to community centers and schools in Bolivia and Venezuela. The work party is happening at Freegeek, the local computer reuse and recycling center on SE 10th and Market Street.

Despite the coating of ice Portland recieved Saturday, practically shutting down the city till midday Sunday, a good number of volunteers have been showing up at Free Geek to take part in the effort. An organized process and a step-by-step set of relatively simple instructions is allowing even those unfamiliar with computer hardware to take part productively. By the end of Saturday, 55 machines had been assembled and tested. The goal is a total of 100 of these diskless terminals, with 50 going to Bolivia, and 50 to Venezuela.


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