2005 King Day Celebration in Atlanta, Georgia

#media_7801;left# The anual King Day Celebration in Atlanta brings Civil Rights Movement leaders, labor unions, youth groups, church groups, environmentalists, peace groups, student groups, human righs groups, people of all colors, faiths and political persuasions from across the USA together to celebrate and remember the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King at his anual birthday celebration in Atlanta, Georgia. The anual celebration is a time for reflection on the work and sacrifices of Dr. King and many others who struggled for the rights of the oppressed, as well as a time for recommitment to keep working for the dream of a better world for all. Photos: [#1] [#2] [#3] [#4] Photos, Audio and Summaries of rally stage speakers: [HERE]

homepage:: http://atlanta.indymedia.org/

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