Local protest helps inspire Green party policy change


In 2002, the Green party of Canada adopted a resolution of support for Canada's commercial seal hunt. The vote was 26 to 0 in favour. Opposition grew to this resolution however, which ultimately led to a reversal of position at their convention in Calgary earlier this year.

Among those opposed was Hamilton's own CAGED animal rights group. They led a protest in May asking the Green leadership to reconsider their position during their visit to Hamilton.

Though the leaders had come to bolster Green support for the byelection in east Hamilton, opposition to the seal hunt become a prominent item on the agenda. The protest also drew interest from out of town media who were covering the Green leadership's arrival.

Thanks to the work of CAGED, as well as many others such as Freedom for Animals in Toronto and many individuals across Canada, the vote was 98 to 7 in favour of a new resolution.

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