Colin Powell to visit Grand Rapids

Former secretary of state and four star general Colin Powell will be in Grand Rapids on May 25, to speak at the Economic Club of Grand Rapids' annual dinner. In the past the Economic Club has hosted various conservative speakers such as Newt Gingrich, James Baker, Margaret Thatcher, and Clarence Thomas. This tradition of ultra-right speakers continues with Powell, who while sometimes is mistakenly identified as a "moderate" within the Bush administration, is a conservative in the mold of the first Bush administration rather than the neo-con variety that currently dominates the executive branch. Highlights of Powells career include helping cover-up the My-Lai massacre, providing false testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings (he was a fan of the Contras), being a major proponent of the illegal invasion of Panama, helping prevent a peaceful resolution to the events that led to the first Gulf War, and lying to the U.N. about Iraq's WMD capability in 2003.

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