Lynne Stewart Guilty; Faces Up to 45 Years in Jail

In a blow to the ability of lawyers to defend clients suspected of terrorism, a jury in Manhattan today found radical lawyer Lynne Stewart guilty of aiding terrorists. She was found guilty on every charge as were co-defendants. Many of the harshest charges against Stewart were originally dismissed, but in a surprise move, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft filed new charges against the lawyer. from the AP: "A veteran civil rights lawyer was convicted Thursday of crossing the line by smuggling messages of violence from one of her jailed clients -- a radical Egyptian sheik -- to his terrorist disciples on the outside." In a development on Feb. 8 that may provide grounds for an appeal of the verdict, members of the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), a right-wing terrorist organization, posted fliers on the Manhattan courthouse door calling for Stewart's death. From the Archives: Aschroft Files New Charges || Democracy Now Interview

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