Anarchist Postal Service: The Unofficial Messengers of Free Communication

The Anarchist Postal Service is a new group that's looking for help. Essentially we need volunteers to operate, specifically those with bikes. If you've always wanted to be a messenger but didn't like the idea of running packages for big sleazy businesses, or if you're just looking to help people out, our organization might be just the thing for you! We'll be getting together for meetings and various events once we have a real membership. The service itself will not be able to take many requests until it has more than a couple members, so check us out, and get involved!

White Lilac says: I think this is a great idea--best thing I've heard all week. My concern is that it isn't sustainable. 37 cents is damn hard to beat. What we need to make this work is for people who use the service to contribute something back to these messengers--food, work, goods, etc. The website says that donations are accepted ... but is that going to really sustain this effort?


homepage:: http://portland.indymedia.org/

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