Hysteria Collective Addresses Safer Spaces

Due to the large amount of community concern and feedback we feel it is important to address why Hysteria, a collective confronting sexual assaut, does not work with perpetrators. And why we enact a safer space policy at all our events that does not allow known perpetrators to attend.

Hysteria was formed as, and continues to be, a collective that works with survivors of sexual violence, not perpetrators. Initially we came up with a collective boundary that said we would not work with perpetrators at all. However, over the past year and a half we have found this impossible to avoid. We do talk and provide resources to perpetrators when needed, but we still realize how important it is not to do too much of that work. We are a collective that wants to focus our time and energy on survivors and community education. We do not want our energy to go into perpetrators; we want our energy to go into survivors and safer spaces.

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