Olympia Pizza Time Workers go on Strike; Support needed

Pizza Time workers presented a list of demands to Shane Bloking, the new owner of the Olympia Pizza Time at Old Town, after a week of mismanagement, bad judgment and the firing of two competent employees. Shane Bloking deteriorated product quality, employee morale and refused to agree to the workers demands presented to him on saturday the night of February 12, 2005. Olympia Pizza Time workers were forced to go on strike to get all demands met.

Pizza Time workers walked out and hoisted "Pizza Crime" signs and declared they are on strike. Pizza Time workers were joined by more than 30 community members who all walked the picket line on 4th and Jefferson. We would like to personally thank all those who supported us and shared with us hot cocoa and cider, and slices of Old School Pizza. Striking Pizza Time workers were also greeted on the picket line with cheers and honks from people in cars, people enjoying the rock show at the Manium, window shoppers, and Olympia's Police officers and firefighters.

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