NYC IMC Readers Weigh in on 'The Gates'

"What does it all mean?" asks Paul Werner in a post to our Open Newswire. "It’s called The Gates and it consists of 7,500 structures colored and shaped like a simplified version of the torii gates found in and around Japanese shrines, except these are shrouded with orange cloth that’s supposed to billow in the wind, and they’re spread out all over Central Park in New York City. When first I saw them last week the cloth wasn’t up yet, and they looked like an endless row of security portals." Wyzas adds: "So the Gates are up, and everybody is cheering that it's beautiful, and harmonizes with the park and all that shit. After decades of being refused permission by the City. Mayor Bloomberg decides to approve Christo's latest edition of his Gates. He knows a good thing when he sees it, tourist dollars." But Fix disagrees: "Hey look, none of this makes Bloomberg's decision to not allow RNC protestors in the park OK, but to draw parallels seems a bit obtuse ...What I saw was a lot of folks gathering and wandering about outdoors on a day when normally many of them would be glued to TV's." [Read More]

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