Court Rejects ACLU Lawsuit To Derail Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiative

The Marion County Circuit Court has rejected a lawsuit filed by the director of the Oregon Chapter of the ACLU and an employee of the group, seeking to prevent supporters of campaign finance reform in Oregon from collecting signatures on Initiative Petition No. 8, which is ready to be circulated.
"The ACLU in Oregon views stopping campaign finance reform as part of its job," said attorney Dan Meek, whose arguments prevailed in court. The Oregon ACLU also filed lawsuits to prevent collection of signatures on campaign finance reform initiatives in 2002, which ACLU also lost, after having imposed litigation costs on supporters and delayed the signature collection effort for several months. "I do not expect the ACLU to let another court order stop them," said Meek, predicting that ACLU would appeal the court decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals and from there to the Oregon Supreme Court.

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