Bark February Field Trip to Mill Creek Timber Sale

The February Monthly Bark Field Trip was to the Mill Creek Timber Sale, located about 15 miles south of Hood River, a few miles east of Highway 35. Twenty seven people attended the Hike, which was led by Sandi Scheinberg, Executive Director of Bark. Besides discussing this particular timber sale, Sandi talked about endangered species, the importance of snags to wildlife, the impact of roads on species, and throughout the hike, pointed out and identified various animal tracks. Among these were deer, snowshoe hare and lynx.

Throughout the hike Sandi discussed various aspects of forest ecology, and how the timber sale could impact individual animal species and the diversity of species whose delicate balance of complex components accounts for the "forest" as we experience it. For instance, roads cut an impenetrable swath through the landscape that often will sever populations of small animals, who will not venture out into the openness of the road bed for fear of predators. Logging also opens up large patches of the forest which create much the same problem. A deer can cross the road, a salamander or insect may not.

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