G8 Comes to Sheffield

One legacy that the former home secretary has left Sheffield with is a meeting of the G8 (Group of Eight, most industrialised nations) Justice and Home Affairs ministers on the 15th to 17th June 2005. There is also a G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting in Derbyshire on 17-18th March. The UK has the Presidency of the G8 for 2005.Council Leader Jan Wilson has said that "Hosting the G8 JHA summit will put Sheffield firmly on the map..." and The Star has reported that "A huge armed police operation is expected to seal Sheffield city centre for the meeting to prevent a terror attack".Protests and other ideas were discussed at the Sheffield Social Forum Open Meeting on 17th February and a 'G8 mobilising' group emerged also some notes were taken and following on from this there has been discussion on the SSF list and a meeting has been organised for 2nd of March in The Rutland.Dissent Network | G8 Alternatives | Make Poverty History | G8 Feminist Action | Queer G8 | Jubilee G8 Bike rides | G8 Cycle Caravan | Sheffield G8 Topic | UK IMC G8 Topic

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