Update on BTHS Teacher Outburst

(from the Open Newswire): Two weeks ago I wrote an article about a teacher who pulled a chair from underneath a student who refused to stand for the national anthem. The incident was caught on tape. About a week after I first posted the article, the corporate news picked up on it and reported it. The responses to this event on the NYC Indymedia comments section have ranged from outrage at Mantel for his treatment of his students, to praising Mantel for "teaching these little punks some respect". The people who are angry at Mantel and Brick Twp. High School have lashed out at the school for their failure to adequately discipline Mantel for his behavior, which many say should be considered assault. Others have praised the school for not disciplining Mantel, and loudly claimed that if it were their children refusing to stand for the national anthem, they would have beaten them senseless.

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