Airport Police move swiftly to suppress evidence. Is there a "torture jet" behind that warplane?

Ed Horgan arrested for taking a photograph. Peace activist Ed Horgan (ex Irish Army Commandant) has been arrested at Shannon Airport for taking a picture of a US Hercules aircraft. This picture was taken in a public area. It looks as though the Irish State will stoop to nothing in its desparation to hide the evidence of illegal US troop movements. A private jet similar to the ones chartered by the CIA for illegal transport of prisoners for the purposes of torture was also spotted by him. He was unable to confirm this because he was arrested. Answers to our SpotTheCrime competition should be sent to:: email: Phone: 01-6194020 / 4021 / 4043 Fax: 01-6764048 Valid entries should contain only one X marking the criminal action. Employees and relatives of employees of An Dáil are precluded from entry. Expletives will render the entry null and void. Participants may enter any number of times. From the newswire (Tim Hourigan): Just got a phone call from Ed Horgan. He was gathering more evidence of the crimes at Shannon when he was set upon by the Airport Police. Ed was told that Airport "Police Inspector" John Martin, Garda Morrissey and Garda Coleman were taking him into custody for taking a photograph of a US militatry Hercules. UPDATE: It also appears that Ed saw a plane very similar to the CIA torture jet that has been using Ireland as an essential part of its war crime infrastructure. The arresting officers cited Section 33 of the Air Transport and Navigation Act, which only restricts photographs in certain areas (such as the airfield) not on the public roads. Under Section 59 of the same act it says "lest there be any doubt, the road, is, for the purpose of any enactment, a public place." On Friday 4th March Edward Horgan went to Shannon by prior arrangement to collect Eoin Dubsky's personal items (held at Shannon Garda Station since Eoin did some redecorating on a US Hercules warplane). While awaiting a phone call from Garda Sgt John O'Sullivan, he went to the airport to buy a newspaper and check if any US military, chartered US troop-carriers or illegal prisoner transport aircraft were at the airport. As he approached the airport he noticed what appeared to be Gulfstream executive jet, similar to the N379P used for the transporting of prisoners for torture, landing on the main runway. He also noticed a Hercules C 130 parked close to Gate 40. He was waved through the road checkpoint on the approach road to the airport. He then went up to the public viewing gallery and noticed that the GulfstreamExecutive jet was not anywhere to be seen (it may have been taken immediately into one of the hangers). He also, along with others in the viewing tower, observed the other aircraft at the airport. He noticed a US Air Force C-130 Hercules with the markings ANG Minesota, 61004. He then went to the area of the car parks outside the main terminal building, and was observing the US Hercules C 130 when he was approached by a Garda Morrison, who was later joined by Garda Coleman, and by Airport Police Inspector John Martin. He was followed into the terminal building and was detained by the Airport police. His camera and binoculars were taken from him at this point. He was asked to go to Inspector Martin’s office, and when he protested, he was informed that he would be taken there forcibly if necessary. He was then taken under detention or arrest, to Inspector Martin’s office where he was formally arrested under the Air Transport Navigation Act. He was then taken under arrest to Shannon Garda Station. His mobile phone was removed from him by Garda Coleman while he was in the Garda car under arrest. At Shannon Garda station he made contact with his Solicitor Patrick Daly, who spoke to the arresting officer and to the Sergeant in charge. He was released from custody at about 12.40, and told that his camera and binoculars were being sent to the Garda Technical Bureau in Dublin, for examination. He was also told that a file would be prepared and a decision made on whether to charge him or not, based on that file.


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