Norman Finkelstein Lectures in Pittsburgh

Norman Finkelstein Lectures at CMU

On Monday March 14, 2005, Norman Finkelstein spoke at CMU. Finkelstein is
the author of Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict (Verso, 1995), The Rise and Fall of Palestine (University of Minnesota, 1996), with Ruth Bettina Birn, A Nation on Trial: The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth (Henry Holt, 1998) and The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (Verso, 2000).

The lecture had been pushed back a month on the request of members of the Hillel-Jewish University Center, who argued that too many speakers who opposed Israeli policies had been coming to the university in too short a time. In the extra month, Hillel then organized as many people as possible who opposed Finkelstein's lecture to come and fill the room, in attempt to crowd out supporters.

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