Green Bridge Base Camp Two!

Following the closure order issued by the Forest Service- the campaign to stop the massive Biscuit logging project has established a new base camp just below the closure line on BLM land along the Illinois River. The directions are the same- take Highway 199 from Grants Pass about 25 miles west- past Selma but not quite to Kerby- and take a right onto Eight Dollar Road- go a mile or so and turn left onto a dirt pullout and there our wonderful encampment awaits! If you go all the way to the closure and are turned around by grumpy feds in uniforms- simply turn around and take your first right!

Come one come all! Our momentum is still strong and morale is once again high! We are receiving a ton of community support from cooked meals to fire wood and maintain a high profile in the national media in newspapers, television and radio! Bring gear, food, donations, toys of all sorts and fresh minds and bodies to support the campaign!!!! We can win this one!


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