Institute For Autonomy :: For a Life of Dignity Without Capitalism


The Institute for Autonomy is a newly occupied social centre in central London. Created in a disused university building in a city where house & rent prices continue to climb far out of the reach of the majority, it has lain empty and forgotten for over 5 years.

The Institute for Autonomy aims to be an open space for daily development towards autonomy. It is organised by open assemblies, and it is formed by a collective of people of different backgrounds and experiences. They state that "it’s vital for us to create a space where a different reality can be experienced, where new paths can be walked, along which can emerge common action, interest and identity amongst people".

The Centre is at 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1 and opens Saturday 19th March - 7pm till 1am. There will be films, music, cafe, info-shop and kids space.

Other ongoing projects already planned for the centre include: a library, a printing workshop and banner making, fortnightly Precarity Info/Sharing, a solidarity kitchen that opens three lunch-times a week, and a Cafeteria Rebelde.

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