Regular Events Sponsored By Arkansas Indymedia

Arkansas Indymedia hosts several regular events at the 5 Squirrels Community Center located at 523 W. Poplar Street in Fayetteville. Come by and check out the spot. -Every Wednesday night at 8pm is Arkansas Indymedia Movie Night. Stop by and enjoy some free food and a movie. A full bar is also available for your enjoyment -Every Saturday afternoon starting around 1pm is Indymedia Funday. Around 1pm folks interested in Indymedia projects gather at our lab to informally talk about and work on projects ranging from audio and visual to internet and event organizing. -The first Saturday of every month at 2pm Arkansas Indymedia has its official meeting. Stop by and see how a concensus-based anti-heirarchy collective operates. Become a part of Arkansas Indymedia.


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