NYC Files Suit to Censor TIME'S UP! and End Critical Mass

New York City filed a lawsuit this week, seeking to prevent the TIME'S UP! nonprofit environmental group from promoting or advertising events that the city alleges to be illegal. The lawsuit also states that TIME'S UP! and the general public cannot participate in riding or gathering at the Critical Mass bike ride. It claims that any event whatsoever with 20 or more persons require a permit.

(from the Newswire): "On Wednesday an injunction was filed against the group as well as specific individuals Bill Dipaola, Brandon Neubauer, Leah Rorvig, and Matthew Roth. If the injunction is granted by the state court it will be illegal for any of the named individuals, members of Time’s Up, or "all those acting in concert with" them to promote Critical Mass. Lawyers for the group plan to file a response asking that the city’s request for an injunction be denied.

If Time’s Up’s lawyers fail to halt the injunction, those named would be barred from speaking to the media about Critical Mass or even distribute flyers with the rides time and date. Those who violate the order risk "contempt of court" charges and would be subject to punishment under state law of two possible sentences: a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail sentence of up to thirty or both. “This is really a freedom of speech issue” says Bill Dipaola. “The city is telling us what we are allowed to say and where we are allowed to assemble.”" [Read More]


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