Update from the guy that got $700 in tickets on his bike in Gresham

'me' writes: [To] The guy that got $700 in tickets on his bike in Gresham: Hey, court was a few days ago, how about an update? Lots of us want to know how your trial went! Please update us and let us know if you got off on those bogus charges!

'Rider' replies: So I went to court but since i was pleading not guilty, I will have a trial which has now been scheduled for 5/23. I hate the delay but since I dont have any $$ I guess time is good.

I have learned a few other things since then. After filing a written complaint against Officer Durbin, I got a response from Sgt. O'Keeffe (Traffic Supervisor) It read:

Thanking for taking your time to complete our "Citizen Comment Form" regarding the contact you had with ne of our traffic officers.
I read your complaint and your comments on the "Portland Independent Media Center's" website. I also talked to my traffic officers about the contact.
It is obvious that my officer was unprofessional and rude. It is also just as obvious that you were just as unprofessional and rude.I cant dictate the conduct of the Public. I can only hold my Officers to a higher stndard tehn some of the people they have to deal with...read more >>

original post: [ Long story short, today I got $700 worth of tickets on my bike in Gresham ]

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