Airport Plan is Environmental Insanity

To those who thought the Red Hill Creek Expressway was the worst thing that Hamilton could do to the environment the news is: "Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!" This week Hamilton City Council announced the formation of an "Airport Implementation Task Force". The broad strokes of the plan are to spend up to $100 million dollars to create an industrial zone of aircraft dependent industry along the Highway 6 extension running from Highway 403 to the Hamilton airport. Its almost a minor point, but since the City is now "running on credit" for almost all new capital projects that really means: "borrow $100 million". Make the total a quarter of a billion dollars when you figure the interest. This would push our total City debt to well over 600 million dollars, and make us and our children the most indebted municipal residents in the country. Assuming that the bond rating agencies were willing to let us dig ourselves in that deep it seems reasonable to ask: What else will we get for our money along with the promise of 25,000 jobs?


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