Urbana School Board Meeting Turns Surreal

Today the newly elected Urbana School Board was officially seated. However, events were anything but "normal". Front-runner Carol George (who won the popular election) stepped down from her position as the new School Board member from the second sub-district as the newly elected members were being asked to take their oath of office (but after they had been recognized by the existing School Board). No one on the School Board was entirely sure how to proceed and what followed was an interesting experiment in "covering the bases" proceedurally. The current make-up of the School Board is now: Sub-district 1. Joyce Hudson -- 4 yr term Sub-district 2. Jerry Moreland -- 4 yr term Sub-district 3. Ruth Ann Fisher -- 2 yr term Sub-district 4. Cope Cumpston -- 2 yr term Sub-district 5. Mark Netter -- 2 yr term Sub-district 6. Steve Summers -- 4 yr term Sub-district 7. John Dimit -- 4 yr term

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