Progressive Voices Win In C-U

Yesterday's election was a victory for racial equity and progressive values in Champaign-Urbana. Cope Cumpston won the School Board race in Urbana against incumbent Tina Gunsalus by a slim 25 vote lead in a vigorous race to the finish line. Giraldo Rosales secured one of the three available seats on the Champaign City Council. Progressive Ken Urban ran an intense grassroots campaign and came in fourth out of six candidates. And two years after stanch conservatives unseated progressive Margie Skirvin on the Champaign School Board, Skirvin is back in the seat along with Nathaniel Banks, who ran a strong race and came in second. Progressives were concerned that Jim McGuire would win a School Board seat, but McGuire came in fifth, trailing Skirvin by over 600 votes.


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