Alternative Iraq War Resources

Many people are looking for alternative news sources about the Iraq war. In an effort to help aid those who are looking for information, and help share the resources that many of us know about, the UCIMC is maintaining a resource list on our website. Please feel free to add resources (with brief descriptions) to this list -- just post a comment below. UPDATED: 03/24/03 -- English translation Al Jazeera link added UPDATED: 03/25/03 -- Direct link to new English Al Jazeera website UPDATED: 03/26/03 -- Many new links from comments posted today. UPDATED: 03/27/03 -- A couple URL corrections & more resources from comments posted. UPDATED: 03/29/03 -- More links added -- WE'VE HIT 100+ (we're working to move some of the comments to make the page load quicker... keep them coming).


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