Chilling First Hand Account Of Continued Paramilitary Violence Against Afro-Colombians In Chocó

Many of you attended the Fall Dinner at the Illinois Disciples Foundation last November. At this event Marino Cordoba, an Afro-Colombian who survived several assassination attempts on his life by paramilitaries working with the US-backed Colombian military, spoke about the Afro-Colombian struggle for survival and land rights. Ruth Goring, a friend of Marino, accompanied him at the dinner. Shortly after the dinner Ruth Goring left for Colombia to accompany Afro-Colombian communities under threat from paramilitary attacks. Ruth agreed to send me updates from Chocó. Last night I received this letter from Ruth, it speaks of paramilitary incursions into Puerto Lleras. Saturday February 11th Amnesty International also issued a report stating concern for the safety of five members of the displaced community of Puerto Lleras after they were reportedly abducted by army-backed paramilitaries following an incursion at the Jiguamiando River. Ruth�(TM)s letter personally brings this terror to us, citizens of the United States, who with our tax dollars pay for the suffering and bloodshed described below. Numbers to call to protest this violation of human rights follow Ruth�(TM)s letter. Please join me in speaking out against these atrocities. Meridith


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