Reflections On DC Peace Protest: The Glamorous Life Of An Anti-War Protestor

Friday morning I awake before dawn. In the dark I struggle to find the light, turn off the alarm, and pack together some final necessities - extra long underwear, some snack bars, and my sleeping bag. Then the thirteen-hour drive to DC began. The roads were mostly clear, with only short patches of snow and ice at nighttime through the mountains of West Virginia. When we arrived at the Church Mildred, a grandmother who was also caring for her grandchildren that night, made sure we all had warm spots to sleep on carpeted floors or gymnastics mats and nourished us with complementary food and drink. It seemed important for her to let us know that members of mainline churches were vehemently opposed to the war and wanted to physically support those of us who would take to the streets to protest the next day.


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