Argus Systems Case

45 000 USD contest rip-off by Savoy, Illinois software company We are a group of computer security researchers from Poland. In April 2001, Argus Systems Group (, an Illinois based company announced the 5th Argus Hacking Challenge - the contest for hackers in which 50 000 USD prize money was offered to the first person (or group) that would successfully hack into the web server protected by the company's flagship product - the Pitbull Foundation System. Our group took part in the 5th Argus Hacking Challenge. Within less than 24 hours, we managed to break into the protected web server. Our successful performance was officially accepted and announced by the Challenge committee, consisting of Argus and sponsor representatives (Fujitsu-Siemens, Integralis). The whole event was widely discussed in various medias around the world, both traditional (CNN) as well as Internet-based ones (wired, register, vnunet, iw, zdnet).


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