Hollywood Liberals: More Shameless Crap From ABC

Watching "Primetime Live". Dianne Sawyer and Brad Pitt are in Ethiopia, walking through the sewage filled streets of some horrible shantytown. They're smiling, surrounded by hordes of smiling street urchins who don't know Pitt from a red ant. The movie star blathers on about how all these kids really need is money to save them from more starvation, abuse, war and God knows what else. This is a place where eight year old prostitutes sell for a QUARTER! Never once did anyone mention the recent election fraud of 6 weeks ago. Yesterday the Ethiopian government shot dead 22 protesters and arrested 600 who were peacefully rallying to voice their concerns. The election results still haven't been tabulated. The candidate supported by Tony Blair's government is the one accused of fraud. See the hand of the U.K. at work. ABC even had the gall to run a snippet of Pitt's latest movie in the middle of the show! The whole thing was just like a bad episode of those Sally Struthers ads for Save The Kids or whatever.

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