Reportback from The Save Oregon's Forests Boycott stUmpqua Bank Picket

The weather may not have been great and the numbers may have been few, but that didn't stop a handful of activists from picket in front of stUmpqua Bank this morning around 11:30 a.m. today. Two great big banners were revealed as others handed out information about stUmpqua Bank and their dastardly destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. The handout that was given went a little something like this:

stUmpqua bank is run by timber barons who are profiting from the destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. Allyn Ford, president of the board of (st)Umpqua Bank, is the owner of Roseburg Forest Products. Lynn Herbert of Herbert Lumber is also a board member, and the Herbert family are the largest stockholders of stUmpqua Bank.

Both Roseburg Forest Products and Herbert Lumber have long histories of destroying native eco-systems, turning salmon bearing watersheds into muddy rivers and ancient forests into fields of stumps and government-managed tree plantations. Currently Roseburg Forest Products is buying tress from the Biscuit Timber Sale as part of the deceptively named "Fire Recovery Project." This extreme logging plan, the largest in US Forest Service history, is mainly in Old Growth Reserves and Roadless areas. Many of these areas are completely unburned and others are part of a fragile post burn eco-system.


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