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Past and present fascism, Enough!

[10 may]Vinarós: antifascist concentration in front of the city-hall at 20.30h
[20 may]Castelló: 19.30h antifascist demonstration starting at the Farola

current affairs: Brutal fascist aggression in Vinarós +++ fascist attack has been tried in the Casal Jaume I in Castelló +++ Antifascist assembly of Vinarós set-up +++ Creation of the Antifascist Platform of Castelló ::: attacks on immigrants in Madrid +++ Antifascist call: neither racism nor fascism in Villaverde(Madrid) ::: Fascist attacks to the CNT León ::: police charging against the cue in front of the immigration office in Barcelona ::: nazi paintings in Terrassa ::: fascist groups burn-down the only homosexual bar of Jerusalem /// mobilisations served! fascist concerts stopped
from the past up to nowadays: 29 april, 68 years since the fascist bombing of Guernika ::: news evidence regardig the killing of pasolini ::: The memories of Auschwitz. From the hiding to the commemoration ::: the Bush family and its nazional past ::: 5 may, 60 years of Mauthausen freeing thoughts out of Mauthausen ::: Berlin alerts the nazi return 60 years after the fall of the III Reich ::: the Holy See and fascism: some thoughts::: from the pp to the victims of franquism

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Fascism maintains it's forgetfullness |>> historic memory

30 years after the death of the dictator Franco, he is still present today in our lives. Fascist symbols still endure in our cities. Justice has not been done neither to his victims nor the correction of official history. Whoever forgets his history will repeat it.

---símbols feixistes |>> La Pobla will give a bust of Franco to España 2000 (an ultra nationalist organisation) + Guadalajara removes the statues of Franco and Primo de Rivera (an earlier dictator before the 2nd republic) + the statue of Franco is removed from Madrid + Cheap electoralism: Piqué contradicts Rajoy + a Proposition: that The Valley of the fallen denounces Franco-ism + Soicail movements impulse a campaign for apostasy ---cossos de seguretat |>> The most accused of racist aggression in Catalonia in 2004 + The UPAS train in Cornellà to make it even more shit + case of a taecher attacked by a security guard ---daily impunity |>> Nazi kinheads in the demonstration of March 13 + Xenophobia grows in Sevilla + RCD Espanyol and passivity / complicity against fascism + Death threats against Sebastià Alzamora + the extreme right exists + Explotation of xenophobia ---internacional |>> Aznar's foundation FAES and the extreme right in the USA + Bush: diplomacy and death squads + Latvia and Estonia the "fascists" of the EU

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