The Oregon Garden: Trouble in Paradise

I received my bright pink invitation in the mail again. It comes every year. It's the Oregon Garden, inviting me to renew my membership to the garden. (I received a membership some time back as a gift, but let it lapse after coming face to face with the horror of timber industry propaganda.) This is the letter I wrote back to them on the back of the form, which I will send in the envelope provided.

Yes, I would love to be able to renew my membership. The trouble is, however, that the Oregon Garden has allowed itself to become a tool for the dissemination of dishonest and dangerous propaganda for the timber industry. This is an industry that's destroying the Oregon that I love. The real "Oregon Garden" is (or was) a unique jewel. It is not confined to a tiny plot in Silverton, but lives in the green canopies of the very beautiful, very unique, and very endangered temperate Pacific rainforests of Cascadia. Greedy timber corporations are swallowing those forests whole, and leaving wastelands in their wake. Erosion, decimation, and monoculture are all that is left. Yet the Oregon Garden has inexplicably allowed the timber industry to install a purposefully erroneous exhibit there, claiming that they can "grow" a forest.


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