land speculation and squatting (en)


The speculative fever destroys our environment

[19.05] Caufec Plan : let's stop the evictment of Can Oliveres {stopped} -- Evictment of Can Calet at 10h -- 8th session Rethink Barcelona Retrieve the city [21-22.05] Let's save Can Zam! Camping [22.05] bikes, Gallecs [03-05.06] Neighbourhood lock-in in Sant Medir

corruption speculative feverGallecs : ilegal luxurious houses -- They've urbanized more the 700 hectares -- The Interpolar highway will destroy Gallecs and the Vallès -- The Generalitat urbanizes 60 hectares -- Gallecs and the manipulation of the TV3 of the Threepartite coalition (PSC-ERC-ICV) -- Gallecs, the struggle goes on -- Watch it with the consellera TURA -- the squattings of Gallecs

the construction fever :: Vallcarca : Gathering 17 -- in struggle against the speculation The forat de la vergonya (the hole of shame): the demolishments continue - the rubbish of the new santa catarina market to the forat -- The neighbours of the Forat manage to save the football camp even though with police presence The Mina : object of desire Sants: Since last week there's an evictment order over la Quinkalla Poblenou: evictment -- demonstration (action on Gran Via) -- Let's Save Can Ricart !! carrer del Clot : 13 police-vans evict buildings València : Evictment of the CSO La Discordia -- Open letter to the queen of the America Cups Rita Barberà Kan Titella : Trial cancelled Menorca: imminent evictment -- New squatting -- The owners of Biniancolla formalize the complaint for presence of squatters the casa l'aire: Imminent evictment

+info:: >>>speculation and squatting -- cso-can calet -- no to the caufec plan -- rethink barcelona


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