Report from the recently logged Bear timber sale

i visited the Bear II timber sale in early autumn, so when i heard that it had been felled, i decided that i needed to see how much was left. here are my observations:

several days ago i traveled to witness the further disruption of a part of cascadia currently known as the mt hood national forest; specifically the Bear II timber sale. i should note that i do not support any commercial harvesting of timber on "public" lands except in the case of overgrown plantations with poor diversity. when i first visited some of the units of Bear II in autumn, i was surprised how the USFS had left the thin slices of native and old-growth forests among devastating clearcuts. like most logged landscapes, it seemed ridiculous. however, once i had entered the remaining stands, i could see the unravaged diversity and was relieved that there were still native forests left. they are so important.


pre-logging photo report (6/4/03): [ The Bear & Cub timber sales: Old growth islands surrounded by clearcuts & tree farms ]


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