criminalization and repression (en)


The most reactionary mobilize themselves in order to keep on repressing, but>>> there are answers

In order to keep on discriminating for sexal and gender motives: In front of the ultraconservative 'pancartism' of the Jardinets and theultracatholicconservative demonstration of the 18th of june >>>> Let's turn the pancake: Yes to the weddings between catholics! ::: [july 2nd] demonstration against homofoby ::: analysis of the manifest for the 18th of june ::: and beyond the marriage: it's abolition ::: do an act of apostasy
In order to keep the war expoliation and the robbery of collective memory: In front of the demonstrations against the return of the papers of Salamanca and of their threats >>> we contrast: at most 25.000 demonstrators ::: we inform: The experts demand the return of the documentation ::: We claim the dignity and the integral return of the documents ::: Also in València ::: and also of the anarchism
In order to maintain the impossibility of peace: In front of the rightwingers taking the street against the dialogue with ETA >>>> sit down to talk ::: civil disobedience and nonviolence: the "demo" ::: Solidariy and support ::: information and working groups like the 18/98 ::: promotion of follow-up and local working groups
In order to maintain the repressive power ?

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