Activists Put Pressure on G8


While 3 billion people tuned into the Live 8 concerts, activists have converged on Edinburgh to put pressure on the G8 to make good on its promises to provide African debt relief and take substantive measures to curb global warming. On Saturday, July 2nd, 200,000 marched to Make Poverty History. Sunday July 3rd featured a Make Borders History Tour of Glasgow. Days of action will continue all of this week.

The members of the G8 will begin their annual meeting Thursday morning. This year's summit is focused on fair trade, African debt relief, and global warming. Members have already agreed in principle to a debt relief package to 18 of the world's poorest countries.

Photo of G8 Protests - July 2nd, 2005
Photo of G8 Protests - July 2nd, 2005


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