4th Of July Fireworks A Disappointment

My family and I showed up several hours early to find the perfect spot to set up. We went down to the eastside esplanade like usual. I had noticed an unusually large crowd gathered by the bourgie condos and marina near the south end of downtown. But I thought nothing of it as it is usually toward the center of downtown where everyone would have plenty of room to watch for free.

Then the fireworks started. They were down right in front of what turned out to be the blues(consumer) festival. This was at the south end of downtown all the way down by the I-5 bridge! For the majority of the crowds gathered there was a large bridge and/or trees in the way of the show. Half of the people just left pissed off.

a comment: Driving through Portland last night it was really hitting me that fireworks sound like gunfire and that men and women in Iraq are beng shot or exploded and are dying every day. The bombs bursting in air" and the flag was still there. I just couldn't join in the "celebration".

another comment: As the fireworks were going off, I became sad because they reminded me of the "Shock and Awe" over Baghdad......I kept visualizing the domed buildings and the palm trees and the bombs going off when the war started. I wondered: Why can't we just be paying for pretty fireworks instead of war. I became sad and we had to leave.....on the way out someone admired my antiwar button and I gave them one plus an anti war brochure.

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