HIV Positive Tenncare Enrollees Hold Press Conference at State Capital

Day 16: HIV+ Enrollees Say they will Die if They Lose Their Coverage Kyle McDowell of Liberty, Tennessee has been HIV positive since 1998. He says that if he loses his Tenncare he will not be able to take the medications that keep him healthy, "I have been on Tenncare since 2002. I have been HIV positive since 1998. I started medication last year. I am responding to the medications I am on. The science of people on HIV taking these therapies says that when therapy is stopped, even just a few doses, then their therapies literally stop working for them and some people die. I think it is immoral when you have started treating people for a potentially terminal condition to then withdraw treatment. If I was not able to take my medications any longer I would get sicker and suffer extreme fatigue. It is my fear that I would become very sick because the drugs that Tenncare pays for help to keep my immune system working properly."


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